The Foundation Office is your foundation’s office.

You want to make your philanthropy count.

We can help.


The Foundation Office facilitates thoughtful philanthropy that is meaningful for donors and brings lasting benefits to those served. We are a boutique public foundation providing Canadian philanthropists with strategic structure, efficient tools, and helpful information. We offer an alternative to private foundations: you can achieve significant economic and administrative advantages by establishing your named donor-advised fund foundation at The Foundation Office. By making use of our resources, your informed and thoughtful philanthropy can have the impact you desire.

Your individual, family, or corporate foundation can be set up within days at zero cost. Here, you will find professional administration and charitable expertise at a fraction of the cost and effort of running a private foundation.


Your foundation for life-changing philanthropy.

With The Foundation Office looking after all the fiduciary and administrative obligations for your foundation, you can focus on what is most important to you: making an impact through your giving.