You have an idea of how you want to bring change through your charitable giving.

We think there is a way for you to be increasingly generous
And strategic
And efficient
While you see – and experience – the change you desire.

The Foundation Office is where you can establish your giving foundation to reach these goals.

The Foundation Office is your foundation for life-changing philanthropy.

The Foundation Office was formed out of a vision for a new model of Canadian philanthropy.  This model provides:

  • Greater administrative efficiencies through economies of scale so less money is spent managing your foundation and more funds are available for investing in meaningful charitable work;
  • Access to information and networks to help you make informed decisions about which charities you would like to support; and,
  • User-friendly, information management systems that support your desire to learn through your grants.

In 2014, The Foundation Office opened as a public foundation to reach these objectives, and more.  We serve and assist donors at every stage of their granting.  From helping to establish your granting focus, to managing your endowment, to administering your charitable granting, to monitoring and learning from the projects you’ve chosen to support — and everything in between — we provide whatever level of support you desire or need.

We actively assist individuals, families, and corporations who have established their named foundations as donor-advised funds at The Foundation Office.  Existing private foundations, too, have chosen to have The Foundation Office provide professional administrative and strategic management services for their foundation.

As a boutique public foundation and registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency, The Foundation Office is committed to offering personalized service to help you achieve your philanthropic vision.

We invite you to review information about The Foundation Office, and other Canadian registered charities, on the CRA website.