The Transparent Charity:  A Simple Test

This short article, written by Patrick Johnston, Chair of the CanadaHelps Board of Directors, describes some concise and practical actions that charities can take to show transparency in their work.  See the article here.



Adventurer Foundation Application Template

If you have been asked to submit an application for funding from Adventurer Foundation, click on the link below to find the current application form.  Submission instructions are found at the top of the template.  Access the template here.



Adventurer Foundation Reporting Template

If you are providing a report for a grant received from Adventurer Foundation between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023, click on the link below to find the reporting template.  Submission instructions are found at the bottom of the template.  Please submit your report by September 30, 2023.  Access the template here.



We Are In This Together: A Letter to Philanthropy

Nine leaders of a diverse group of non-profits in the United States share what grantmakers can be doing to support grantees in the most meaningful ways. This short article published on the Grantmakers for Effective Organizations website begins to explore how philanthropy can better support non-profits to create real and lasting change.  Read the article here.



Working to Better Understand Charities

There are many good resources available at The Center for Effective Philanthropy  One example is a research paper titled “STAYING CONNECTED: How Five Foundations Understand Those They Seek to Help.” The paper begins: “Foundation leaders believe they are more effective when they listen to those they seek to help. Nearly 70 percent of foundation CEOs say that learning from the experiences of those they are ultimately trying to help holds a lot of promise for increasing foundation impact in the coming decades.” The document is available here for download.